Last week the Calla Property Team went to Brisbane for the week.  We met with property clients as part of our due diligence and are very pleased to report that we have some more fantastic investment stock for our clients. We visited a number of sites and show rooms ranging from small boutique developments of 20 apartments to full master planned, beautifully landscaped, amenity rich developments.  I am very excited to be able to offer this new stock to our valuable clients. However, the one really shocking thing was the enormous change in pricing from what we saw last year.  The good news is that it’s exactly this volatility that allows astute investors to make so much money out of the property market.  There is no doubt that this market is still rapidly climbing but it won’t be long before it becomes an unaffordable investment market for many clients. Last year we saw entry point pricing at around $300K for a one bedroom off the plan apartment. Now the entry level is in the high $300Ks and rapidly moving into the low $400Ks. So if you are one of those people who wants to invest but is still unsure about how or where, please come and see us. Our service to you is at no charge at all and we are passionate about putting together the team that will grow your wealth and finding the property that will match your wealth creation goals. 

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