The Golden Rules to property investment. What are they and how to make them work for you!

The path to investment property ownership can be long & daunting. Find out the crucial aspects of property investment and how we at Calla Property can help you negotiate those aspects in a hassle free way.

1.     Research. Know the market, research historical prices and understand growth rates.   The team at Calla Property do this difficult but crucial work for you.  We look very carefully at where geographical regions are on the Property Cycle, we look at what is driving growth and which regions are experiencing strong capital growth.  We then analyse suburbs within those regions that are most likely to influence why someone would want to live there. 2.     Seek independent real estate advice. Don’t rely merely on one agent’s say so.  We work very closely with property research partners who take the guess work out of property investment. Our partners commit resources to understanding the drivers of a good investment, including infrastructure spend, population growth and movement, design and reputation of developers and builders and many many more. Most of these research houses focus on just one kind of investment strategy.  We take the time to understand what the strategies are that drive their research, as well as finding out whether it’s a good match for our clients and their particular growth strategies. 3.     It’s not personal. Unlike a property purchased with the intention of making it a home, an investment property is just that – an investment. In the end, it should be a decision made on numbers: what are the numbers you need to know? What are the Holding Costs? What is the Capital Growth forecast?  How do these align with your Investment Strategy? These are the types of questions we help you answer before you spend a cent. It is essential to seek professional financial advice & understand your budget & cash flow before you sign on the dotted line.  Before you can make any decision you need to ‘know your numbers’ and knowing how much you can afford to borrow as well as spend, if required, is key. 4.     The right price.  Buy at the market price, not a price inflated by the auction process. Buying Off the Plan can offer significant advantages to investors. The price will be fixed in today’s price, holding costs are predictable, there are tax advantages and at Calla we are always keeping abreast of the best capital growth opportunities.  5.     Use a property manager. Again, treat your property investment as an investment…don’t get involved in areas that you have no expertise in.  Too many people grow their portfolios and manage the tenants which often means that they miss out on rental reviews etc… Calla Property offer an end to end service, which includes the necessary step of putting tenants in your property!  We work with the professionals in the know that maximise occupancy rates and rental returns. 6.     Know the Vehicle. Understand the process of how your investment works, from both a short-term and a long-term perspective.  Calla Property draw together a professional wealth growth team, including a Mortgage Broker & a Financial Planner, who can help you understand your current budget and decide which is the best type of loan for you and what vehicles are available to you, such as tax minimisation or through an SMSF (self-managed super fund). 7.     Get financial advice. Tax laws on property investments are complex.  Again, at Calla Property we offer an end to end service. We work with clients to uncover their financial goals and formulate a strategy to achieve those goals in the short, medium and long term. We put together and project manage the clients’ Wealth Creation Team that includes the Mortgage Broker, Conveyancer and Accountant offering a hassle free and seamless solution.  We research the markets and find properties that are set to out-perform the market and conduct thorough due diligence of all parties involved.   This is a very personal service to the client, it’s independent, and we work with our clients long-term to achieve their financial goals.  And the best thing is….. this is a premium service offered to our clients at no cost - so what have you got to lose? Call us today and make an appointment that could change your future. 02 9016 2852

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