Have you ever thought about writing down your essential tips for life to hand down to your kids, to help them on their way?  I mean, not just about the ‘meaning of life’, but more the practical side of life. How they can build themselves a secure financial foundation that will set them up for a very comfortable life! Well, we at Calla Property have started that list for you and we are really happy to share it. 1.      Pay the right price - Buy at the market price, not a price inflated by the auction process. Buying Off-the-Plan can offer significant advantages. The price will be fixed in today’s price, holding costs are predictable, there are tax advantages and at Calla we are always keeping abreast of the best capital growth opportunities.  2.      Infrastructure – Being ahead of the game in terms of future infrastructure can definitely put you ahead. Again, we do this research for you. We look at what is driving growth and which regions are experiencing strong capital growth and infrastructure spending. 3.      Have a Strategy – Have someone look at your current financial situation and your goals and work together to ensure sound strategy is in place. At Calla this is our starting point with Clients. Where are you now? What are your goals? Where do you want to be? What style of life do you really want to be living? 4.      Do the numbers – Before you leap into any property transaction, make sure you understand the financial impact? Essentially, buying an investment property is a financial equation and that equation must fit your budget. In our Property Presentations, we show you a range of beautiful, spacious, modern Off-the-Plan apartments that may fit your situation.  And then we show you how they stack up in monetary terms and refine it to a succinct comparable number line. It is this line of numbers that are the basis for your investment decision. 5.      Don’t believe the hype – Property doesn’t always go up. That’s a highly incorrect myth. Sure, it may, but it isn’t necessarily so.  So do your homework.   Or better still, let the professionals do it for you!  Call us at Calla Property today and make the appointment that can help you define your financial strategy and realise the life you deserve.  02 9016 2852

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