What’s the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to choosing a suburb that is good to invest in?

choosing a suburb that is good to invest in
When it comes to assessing the next property investment ‘hotspot’ we start with the Macro drivers, such as supply and demand, population growth, the economy, commitment to infrastructure and employment.  These drivers lead us the capital city or region set for strong capital growth. The micro factors determine the potential rental stability of your investment and point to the specific suburbs or areas in capital cities or regions identified by the macro research. It’s the combination of capital growth, rental returns, low ongoing costs and due diligence on the builder or developer that allows us to identify with great certainty true ‘investment grade’ properties. The factors the most Australians the ‘liveability’ of a suburb are: Internet speed, Green spaces, Topography, Views, Proximity to water, Design, Value, Good Schools, transport, cafes and bars, employment, public transport and arts and culture. If your investment property ticks enough of these boxes you will have the greatest rental stability, or income from your investment. 

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