How much is it costing you to do your own research?

How much is it costing you to do your own research
    Australia, it’s time to question your sources. We live in an age where media outlets face shrinking budgets and are forced to rely on their sources for facts and opinion to provide content. The problem is that fact and opinion are often hard to distinguish and facts aren’t always checked. Calla Property researchers do just that – research. Day in day out. It is all they do. They research property markets across Australia. They commission research from property houses and forecasting companies. Most importantly they interpret complex data so that we can best help our clients invest in property. What they don’t do? Rely on popular opinion. So it’s shocking to discover how many investors in Australia rely on just that. Snippets of opinion voiced at a BBQ or a party. Or from a colleague with no experience in investing. How much does it cost you to do your own research? Chances are you don’t have access to the research data that we do and if you did, you would have trouble interpreting it. For example, what does it mean to a market that 800 new residents are arriving each week? Or if a suburb has a vacancy rate or 1.7% is that a good place to invest? What if that same suburb has 800 new development applications in council? Would that be a good place to invest? And if so, what kind of property would have the best yield long term? "The market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing." - Phillip Fisher When it comes to finding the best property for your wealth creation goals, leave it to the professionals. We’ve developed a research methodology, Calla Property Insights and we would love to help you invest well. Call us today to find out how best to proceed – (02) 9016 2852

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