5 Tips to help make property investment your New Year’s resolution!

Tips to help make property investment your New Year’s resolution
At the start of every new year, we all get caught up in the idea of ‘New Year, New Me’. We’re going to start a diet we’ve been putting off for ages, or travel more, are some of the standard resolutions we go with. Another big one is ‘save money’ or ‘get a handle on expenses’; if that’s the case for you AGAIN in 2018, have a think about investing in property. Compounding interest is such a powerful wealth creation tool and the sooner you get into it, the better off you’ll be. Whether you’re already an investor, or someone new to the market, it is critical to set yourself new goals to work towards and achieve. Adapted from a Chinese proverb, the saying ‘The best time to invest was 20 years ago, the second-best time is today’ really applies here. If you haven’t started investing already, don’t look at the past; take this opportunity to start looking into it now. Start setting yourself goals towards building your investment portfolio, and start considering your options. Here are my 5 tips to help you make property investment your new year’s resolution: 1. Get Saving A survey conducted by in 2016 revealed that one of the most popular resolutions for that year was actively saving up for an investment property. This is a fantastic reason to start thinking about cost-cutting, as well. We don’t like paying any more than we have to; so take another look at your expenses and find ways to cost cut. Whether it’s ditching the Friday night takeaway, canceling the unused gym membership, or even searching for another energy or insurance company that offers a better rate; start looking at your finances, and start saving! This will help you create a budget that is accurate, achievable and useful, as well as assisting you to drop bad spending habits along the way. 2. Capitalise on Low-Interest Rates With the current extended period of historically low-interest rates based on a historic low 1.5% wholesale cash rate, now might be the time to consider locking in a fixed rate, or perhaps splitting your loan between half variable and half fixed. Generally we don’t recommend fixing your interest rates, however, there are times when it’s an advantage to do so. Not only will you be capitalising on low mortgage repayments, but you will know how much you’re up for each month, and you will enjoy the added security in case your lender decides to raise rates. 3. Do the Research It is important to do your own research, to gain a solid understanding of the property market, and to keep an eye out for trends and potential growth areas. Property investment, much like any financial activity that requires taking on debt, has an element of risk attached. By conducting thorough research, and developing an understanding of the market, you are actively mitigating this risk, and also gaining knowledge! Research should be conducted over a range of topics and areas. New investors should consider their financial capacity and risk profile, their preferred property market(s), their investment strategy (seeking professional advice will help in structuring this), and finally; the type of property that will best suit their investment strategy. 4. Seek Advice All successful property investors have built a great team around them, assisting them in all aspects of the purchasing process. You can’t just hand over all financial control to your accountant or financial broker. Rather, by surrounding yourself with a great team, and building a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the property market and investment, you will be more enabled to ask these advisors the right questions. It is critical, also, to be aware of people who are not necessarily looking at your best interests (like real estate agents; who work for the vendor). It is best to seek advice from an expert who extensively understands market fundamentals, and more so; your personal financial position. At Calla Property we help you to create your very own ‘wealth creation team’ of trusted advisers whose primary focus is to ensure your success. We consider both where you’re going, and where you’re at; in matching you with the best investment property for your investment goals. 5.  Be Ready to Act Being ready to act does not necessarily JUST mean being financially prepared. Having your finances sorted and ready to go is important, but it is also worth ensuring that you are mentally prepared.  If a good investment comes your way which is too good an opportunity to miss, then you want to be prepared to take advantage of this to avoid regretting this in the future. In the same way, it is vital to make sure that this is indeed a solid investment, comfortably within your budget so that you are not putting yourself at high risk. My main resolution as a property investor is to simply be ready for whatever comes along over the course of next year. Enjoy the journey that is property investment. Being adaptable, flexible, mentally prepared and financially ready are all key in the Australian property market. Whether you are a beginner at investing in property, or a seasoned, experienced investor, Calla Property can help you achieve your investment goals. We are research dependent investment property specialists and help you by minimising the risk of property investment in Australia. We do the research you don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do. To find out more about property investment, and about how Calla Property can help you; contact us on 02 9016 2852

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