What a year 2017 was for CALLA!

2017 for Calla
Where did 2017 go?! We can’t believe that it’s nearly Christmas. It has been a truly amazing year for Calla Property, and we would like to thank all of you for your support. At Calla Property, we are passionate about education. The more insights you have, as investors, the more confident you’ll feel about investing in property. We hope our shared blogs and publications have benefitted you, and helped you to think about property investment better. Calla Property Insights, the research methodology we rely on, has again delivered great results for our clients. Last year we focused on house and land packages at Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast. They’ve nearly all completed, rented out at settlement and the land has seen a significant increase in value in the last 12 months. Land parcels have decreased from around 600m2 to 450m2 and the prices have increased from $630K - $750K. This growth of 19% means our clients are able to use this equity to continue growing their portfolios. Apartments in Brisbane and Melbourne have also performed well, despite Brisbane’s growth stalling somewhat for the last 12 months, all economic indicators show that it’s picking up again and our clients should see significant growth over the next 12-24 months. In Melbourne, we successfully put 6 new clients into property before the stamp duty concessions ceased, saving them up to $35K. June was a hectic time for our account managers as they scrambled to finalise contracts before June 30th. Our house and land clients in Brisbane’s inner growth ring – 10-20kms from the CBD have performed well; with land prices increasing between $80K and $120K. This is a property type and location that we’re still happy to recommend. The area of interest right now is Geelong in Victoria. Geelong has Australia’s most diversified economy and reminds me very much of the Sunshine Coast where the government and industry are working together to plug the hole left by Ford and Alcoa, and to a lesser extent Shell. Four government departments, the ABS, NDIS, ATO and Work Safe (our Work Cover) are now building their head offices in Geelong. There is potential for great investment in Health and Education – Australia’s fastest growing sectors, as well as technology, agriculture, retail, hospitality, construction and business. In just 3 months we’ve seen land prices jump $30K and I have a waiting list of clients wanting to invest there. A growth of 6.86% in just a few months means that these clients can be assured that there will not be any valuation issues at settlement. This year, we brought on a full-time Marketing Manager, Shahzain Charania and new Account Manager, Elodie Tran. Both wonderful additions to the Calla Property family. Thank you all for such a wonderful year. We hope you have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year’s and we look forward to helping you grow your property portfolios in 2018.  

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