Tax Impact on Investors

The end of the financial year is the best time to take a look at your finances and make solid plans for the future. If you’re disappointed by the amount of tax you’ve just had to pay, investing could be a great option. Thanks to government incentives and tax break schemes, if you had earned $90K and invested in a $470,000 property through Calla Property, you would have net an annual cash gain of $705 for the year. In other words, the government would be giving you $705 to invest in the property! Based on a 30-year investment and 6% compound interest, this property would net $1,915,179 in retirement upon sale. This clearly indicates the power of investing in property as a significant part of your wealth creation strategy, especially if your primary goal is security in retirement. Building portfolios for our clients is one of our specialties and we can help do the same for you. Get in touch to discuss how. *this does not constitute advice and your specific circumstances and goals need to be taken into account when deciding on property investment.

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