Ultra Micro Research

ultra micro research

Next week our MD aka Researcher Extraordinaire completes her final ‘on the ground’ research where she visits each site that her research has revealed to offer the best opportunities from a micro perspective.

This means, a high level of professionals in the area, a high rate of home ownership, therefore limiting the supply for renters, putting upward pressure on rents. She checks for noise, graffiti, how kids are behaving, what the culture generally feels like. Can you get a decent coffee, visit a full service gym and what are the roads and public transport really like. Are the parks well maintained, do people drive nice cars, are the streetscapes of a high standard?

She meets with the builders, checks out the quality of their previous builds and gets a first-hand appreciate of the level of inclusions, from the kitchens, to the landscaping, fencing and driveways.

All of these questions and more are answered when she visits each site that is carefully selected for our valuable investors. Just another thing that sets Calla Property apart.