DO YOU INVEST LIKE A SURGEON OR SCHOOL PRINCIPAL? Learn the different investment property strategies from this article.

The list of the Top 20 professionals of Australian Investors is out!   As per usual, the top half is dominated by medical professionals and a surprising inclusion is the school principal.   These two types of professionals might seem worlds apart but in the world of property investment, it makes perfect sense.   Their reasons for investing are completely different.   For medical professionals who are high-earners, it is likely that they are using property investment as a tax minimisation strategy.   Australia has a taxation system that benefits property investment, making it an ideal asset class for high earners.   For the school principal, it is more likely that their reason for investment is ensuring that they have enough money for retirement. Investing in property and growing a portfolio over time, should result in strong passive income in retirement. It has the added benefit of reducing tax but the primary strategy is different to high-earning professionals.   It demonstrates how the strategies behind property investment can be so different and it's critical to work with someone who understands this.   Property investment is not a 'one size fits all' scenario. It takes careful planning and understanding from someone who has experience and knowledge relevant to all aspects of property investment.   That's where Calla Property can help you and it doesn't cost you a thing to find out how.  
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