Ultra Micro Research

Next week our MD aka Researcher Extraordinaire completes her final ‘on the ground’ research where she visits each site that her research has revealed to offer the best opportunities from a micro perspective. This means, a high level of professionals in the area, a high rate of home ownership, therefore limiting the supply for renters, putting upward pressure on rents.… Learn More

New Property vs Old

Why do we only recommend new property? There are a number of compelling reasons why investing in new property is the best option for our busy investor clients. A new property is one that has not been previously sold, not even for one day. The key reasons for investing in a new property is: Tax Depreciation In 2017 the Australian… Learn More

2021 Housing Boom Slows

AND BREATHE…. The market is under control. There has been a lot of chatter in recent months about the property market – Australian’s favourite pastime. There are a number of reasons why a market booms, low interest rates, availability of cash, strong economic conditions etc… but I’ve been saying for a while that the current boom has a lot to… Learn More

Why the Government Recommends Investing in Property

Investing in property seems to be a national past time and everyone has an opinion about it. So I thought I would look at why the government recommends property and what they view as the opportunities and risks - something we can help with as we strive to maximise your opportunities and minimise your risks. This article closely references the… Learn More

Property Investory – Rising To Success After Losing Everything

Property Investory – A Perfect Property Investment Environment

Finesse Your Money – Susan Farquhar Snippet

Aussie Property Update with Susan Farquhar of Calla Property | Nucleus Investment Insights

How To Get Started In Rental Property Investments

A good property portfolio starts with making a good first property decision. It’s so important to get the first one right because if you don’t, it can take a long time to invest in the second one and here’s why. Firstly, what is the best way to get into the property market? Generally speaking, the largest constraint for the first-time… Learn More

What Is Rental Yield And Why Is It Important?

Investing in property is an incredible way to grow your wealth. What is actually being said here, is that if you can afford to hang onto your property for long enough to realise the capital growth, you will make money. Another classic property statement is, ‘property doubles every ten years’. Or ‘invest in property, you can’t go wrong’. Or, ‘you… Learn More