BREAKING NEWS! The RBA has decided to cut the official interest rates. At its meeting today, the Board decided to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.50 per cent. It remains to be seen whether lending institutions will pass on the full cut to it's customers. Stay tuned. Learn More

To cross collateralise or not cross collateralise … that is the question!

The structure of your loan is really important if you have a view to long term investing. You may or may not have heard of cross collateralisation or cross securitisation, however it is one of the fundamental structural concerns to get right from the outset. (more…) Learn More

Buying off the plan – What you need to know

It would seem that there are many clients who are still wary about buying 'off the plan'.  This seems to come largely from a number of developers who were unscrupulous during the boom period prior to the GFC.  By and large, the GFC has flushed out the unsavoury operators.  The businesses that were able to withstand the assault of the… Learn More

Oversupply and what it means for investors

This week, 2GB rang me to seek my professional comment on an article that was on the front page of the Australian. Macquarie Bank published a list of Australia’s Top 50 Risky Suburbs and Ben Fordham wanted to clarify for his listeners, what made a ‘risky’ suburb for investment and how that might affect lending practices. (more…) Learn More

APRA crackdown causes Westpac to make life easier for investors

By Phil McCarroll | 25 May 2016 06:44 AM After tightening up its loan book in response to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) driven crackdown last year, major lender Westpac is set to make life easier for investors. According to a report in Fairfax media outlets, the big four bank has advised mortgage brokers that its loan to value ratios… Learn More

RBA Interest Rates – CUT!!

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced that it will cut interest rates.  This sets a new record low rate of 1.75% - the first change since May last year. (more…) Learn More

How Calla Property specialists help clients plan well for retirement

HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO RETIRE? Different people will have different needs depending on the lifestyle they expect in retirement, however, figures released by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) can help you to plan. (more…) Learn More

Common investment mistakes that most people are making

EXPECTING YOUR SALARY TO BE ENOUGH TO COVER YOU IN RETIREMENT Many Australians are caught in an old paradigm, their parents’ and grandparents’ idea that if they just work hard enough, they’ll earn enough and save enough to retire on. (more…) Learn More

Should I invest in a house or a unit?

This is a question that comes up from time to time and the better question is, what property investment is going to give me the better return in the long run and have the lowest holding costs?  This is the better question to ask, regardless of the kind of property you’re looking to invest in. (more…) Learn More

How Scary is Australian Retirement? How Much Money Do We Really Need to Retire Comfortably?

Australia’s retirement system is known to be among the best in the world. With the government’s age pension and mandatory “Superannuation Guarantee” programs from employers, it has far exceeded other industrial nations like the United States when it comes to high individual savings rate. (more…) Learn More