How Much Less Tax Could You Have Paid If You Invested in a Property in the Last Financial Year?

Investment properties can be a great way to qualify for major tax breaks. But there's a caveat to this: timing is everything. (more…) Learn More

Home Loan Market Updates

Here are recent home loan market developments to keep you updated. Self Managed Super Fund lending update Another one bites the dust with the Westpac group announcing that they will stop lending in the SMSF space. The bank advised that SMSF lending will be no longer available from 31st July 2018 to the Westpac brand which also includes St. George,… Learn More

Tax Impact on Investors

The end of the financial year is the best time to take a look at your finances and make solid plans for the future. If you’re disappointed by the amount of tax you’ve just had to pay, investing could be a great option. Thanks to government incentives and tax break schemes, if you had earned $90K and invested in a… Learn More

How the Federal Budget Will Impact Investors

In past years, the Federal Budget’s focus has been on improving housing affordability but 2018 saw the biggest drop in house prices since 2015, it appears the government have slowed down their pursuit. (more…) Learn More

BREAKING: APRA to abolish the 10 percent investor loan growth benchmark

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has recently announced its plans to eliminate the 10 percent growth restriction on investor loan growth. APRA believes that the restriction’s purpose has been served, and that it is now time to abolish. (more…) Learn More

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using an SMSF to Invest in Property

Since early 2007, investors have had the ability to leverage their superannuation directly into property. Using an SMSF has been a popular and attractive tool to reduce risk and volatility, and improve returns. More investors are using their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) as a vehicle for property investment, particularly Baby Boomers. The consistent wave of ageing Baby Boomers projects a… Learn More

Finding ‘The Right Location’ to Invest In

Gone are the days where investors believed ‘I can go out, buy a house somewhere, stick some tenants in it to pay the mortgage and make a killing!’. As property markets across the country continue to display volatility and fluctuate in price, investors, more than ever, need to conduct extensive research before they invest. To ensure their property outpaces the… Learn More

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Property Investor Series 2018

At Calla Property, we believe that property investment is one of the best vehicles of wealth creation in Australia. We are passionate about education and want to share our knowledge and insights so investors get the best possible outcomes. This year, Calla Property presents The Property Investor Series 2018 – a series of seminars held over the course of the… Learn More

Looking to invest in Australia’s next ‘world city’?

Serving as the primary gateway to the state of Queensland, Brisbane is known for its amazing, subtropical climate all year round, as well as its range of tourist attractions. The city enjoys around 280 days of sun per year; allowing locals and tourists to take advantage of outdoor attractions such as Kangaroo Point and the City Botanic Gardens. Queensland’s metropolitan… Learn More

Happy International Women’s Day, from the team at Calla Property!

Here’s to wishing all of you a very happy International Women’s Day, from the team here at Calla Property. We celebrate International Women’s Day each year to commemorate the achievements of women throughout history and across nations. This year, the theme of the day is #PressforProgress – focusing on accelerating gender parity and inclusiveness worldwide. With a strong global momentum… Learn More