The Right Location

At Calla Property, we understand the significance of getting the location right when it comes to investing in property. We have developed a research methodology, Calla Property Insights to help us identify the best investments in the country.  Our Macro Analysis identifies the geographical regions that are forecast to experience strong capital growth. (more…) Learn More

The Power of Investment – Something to consider…

If you are new to the property investment space, no doubt you will have many questions you’d like answered! Questions like ‘How much should I invest?’, and ‘Where should I invest?’ are just a couple of the most pressing queries. (more…) Learn More

Home Loan Market Updates

Home Loan Market Updates Here are recent home loan market developments to keep you updated. Self Managed Super Fund lending update Another one bites the dust with the Westpac group announcing that they will stop lending in the SMSF space. The bank advised that SMSF lending will be no longer available from 31st July 2018 to the Westpac brand which… Learn More

Should laws change to protect tenants?

Click below to listen to Susan Farquhar's chat with Perth Tonight's Chris Ilsley raising the question; 'Should our laws change to ensure that tenants feel they also have a home, even if it’s not technically theirs?' (more…) Learn More

How much is it costing you to do your own research?

    Australia, it’s time to question your sources. We live in an age where media outlets face shrinking budgets and are forced to rely on their sources for facts and opinion to provide content. The problem is that fact and opinion are often hard to distinguish and facts aren’t always checked. (more…) Learn More

Missed Opportunity?

So another financial year has come and gone. Was 2016 the year that you were going to invest in property and ensure that you were on your way to being set up in retirement and pay less tax? Have you been saving for a deposit and instead of putting it into property, you’ve just paid a stack of bank fees… Learn More

Old vs New: Which is a Better Buy?

What are the pros and cons of buying new property over established? We are often asked this question and everyone will have their opinion on it. Should you invest in an established property that you can add value to or a new property that will give you immediate tax benefits? There is no ‘right’ answer, just pros and cons to… Learn More

Where to Invest In Property In Australia

The main question we get asked is ‘where do you recommend to invest?’ Most people expect a simple answer such as a particular city or area. The truth is choosing the right location to invest in is much more complicated and involves a lot of research. It is important to understand that if you choose the right location then that… Learn More

How Does a Mortgage Offset Account Work?

Mortgage Offset Accounts An offset account is a transnational bank account that is linked to a home loan mortgage account. The home loan mortgage account that it is linked to can either be for residential or investment purposes. You can only link one offset account to one loan account. One offset account cannot provide interest benefits to multiple loan accounts.… Learn More

Why Invest? Consider these realities…

Consider these realities… Longevity We are living longer healthier lives. “I guess it all started about a month ago when I went to see my doctor. He said I'm probably going to live to be 100. I'm only budgeted to live until I'm 80. Don't you see? I'm living on a fixed income. All of a sudden, I'm afraid. (more…) Learn More