Where to Invest In Property In Australia

The main question we get asked is ‘where do you recommend to invest?’ Most people expect a simple answer such as a particular city or area. The truth is choosing the right location to invest in is much more complicated and involves a lot of research. It is important to understand that if you choose the right location then that… Learn More

How Does a Mortgage Offset Account Work?

Mortgage Offset Accounts An offset account is a transnational bank account that is linked to a home loan mortgage account. The home loan mortgage account that it is linked to can either be for residential or investment purposes. You can only link one offset account to one loan account. One offset account cannot provide interest benefits to multiple loan accounts.… Learn More

Why Invest? Consider these realities…

Consider these realities… Longevity We are living longer healthier lives. “I guess it all started about a month ago when I went to see my doctor. He said I'm probably going to live to be 100. I'm only budgeted to live until I'm 80. Don't you see? I'm living on a fixed income. All of a sudden, I'm afraid. (more…) Learn More

Stamp Duty Concessions Taken Off the Plan!

Changes to the Stamp Duty laws mean that investors will no longer receive discounts on Stamp Duty. The Victorian Government has recently announced changes to stamp duty. Under the current law, all investors purchasing off the plan properties benefit from stamp duty discounts. However, this will no longer be the case under the new legislation. (more…) Learn More

Top Ten Property Specialists

We’re excited to announce that Susan Farquhar from Calla Property has been nominated in The Property Investor’s ‘Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists’. This is an award that recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual Australian property Experts who have collectively shaped the built environment across the country over the past twelve months. (more…) Learn More


INVESTORS LOSE $800M !!! Bad news right? Well actually the changes aren't very 'changed', more slight modifications. There are two main areas that will be affected, Negative Gearing and Depreciation. (more…) Learn More

Good News for Brisbane Property Investors!

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the three biggest investing hubs in Australia, however according to Core Logic, the city that is achieving the highest rental yields is Brisbane. As at July 2016 Brisbane’s rental yields were sitting at 4.3% per annum, whilst Sydney and Melbourne were at 3.1% and 3.0% per annum. This means, if you purchase an investment property… Learn More


  Calla Property has just been awarded a place in the ‘Top 75 Investment Blogs and Websites for Property Investors’ roll of honours. We are very proud to announce that we came 60th internationally and 18th in Australia. We love bringing news, tips and inside property information to our clients and it’s great to be recognised on the following criteria:… Learn More

Inspirational Lives: Girls Taking on the World

The Children’s Education Foundation From all around the world, the incredible challenge women face and the amazing obstacles they overcome deserve to be noticed. Today, we celebrate – and bring to light – the strong girls we sponsor around the world. The Children's Education Foundation works to break the poverty cycle by helping girls from impoverished or marginalized communities complete school… Learn More

Kids Don’t Know About Money!

Money Makes the World Go Round It is surprising schools are still not teaching children about money in this rapidly changing world where financial skills are needed to navigate life. Establishing good money habits for life, children need to understand the basics such as budget, spend and save. (more…) Learn More