They are calling it “Rentvesting”

Property prices are growing faster than your wages which means that every month you put money aside for a deposit, the market is moving further out of reach. Millennials from modest families have been brought up with the attitude of keep your head down, work hard, save up and buy your own home first. Unfortunately, in today’s world, where property… Learn More

What property strategy is increasing in popularity?

It’s not surprising that many Sydney based, busy, professional clients are looking at different kinds of strategies to get into the property market.  In Sydney, the average house price is $920,000 and the average unit price is $690,000. This makes it second only to Hong Kong, as the most expensive housing market in the world. (more…) Learn More

Why Hobart is a terrible place to invest

Recent reports show that Hobart has had the highest price growth of any capital city in Australia. Sounds like a good investment location right? Wrong! (more…) Learn More

QLD Economy Upturn in Growth – Great News for Investors

It’s good news for Queensland – growth prospects are more secure and this has been recognised by Moody’s and S&P’s recently reaffirmed credit ratings for the state and now Deloitte Access Economics latest report shows the outlook is that Queensland will be setting the pace for the rest of the nation when it comes to economic growth. Queensland’s rate of… Learn More

Future residential developments to look to new district plans for targets

5-10% affordable housing provisions for new developments 725,000 new houses in Sydney in 20 years 6 new districts separated into 3 cities modeled off the UK structure “For the first time we have a long-term vision; not having just a short-term view, but a long-term goal ” — Sarah Hill - CEO of the Greater Sydney Commission (more…) Learn More

The biggest mistake investors make when looking for property

When property investors are looking for their next property they often get caught up in ‘the next best hotspot’ or ‘5 best locations for growth’. The problem with this kind of information is the focus is only on growth. This is an important factor but it’s not the only one. Most investors are savvy enough to look at affordability and… Learn More

Calla Property MD, Susan Farquhar was honored with a place as one of the 50 Unsung Business Heroes!

 UHB Entrepreneur Hub aims to share business tips from successful business owners with a collective turnover of $1.6 billion. The Hub contains their stories, what they did to succeed and their tips of what you should do to create success in your business today. (more…) Learn More

What’s the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to choosing a suburb that is good to invest in?

When it comes to assessing the next property investment ‘hotspot’ we start with the Macro drivers, such as supply and demand, population growth, the economy, commitment to infrastructure and employment.  These drivers lead us the capital city or region set for strong capital growth. (more…) Learn More

5 easy ways you can improve your financial health

Do you have a savings plan? Do you know how much you spend? Follow these 5 easy steps to easily and quickly improve your financial position and achieve your goals faster. (more…) Learn More

When you buy an investment property, who pays for it?

No, this isn’t a trick question but if you can answer it, you’ll have a better idea of the property you should be investing in. If you get it right, your renter should pay the bulk of your investment property through rental payments. If you understand the renting population and what they’re attracted to, you’re half way to ensuring your… Learn More