Property Acquisition Manager

Email: drew@callaproperty.com.au

Here at Calla Property, Drew works with our experienced team to match your investment expectations with the right property, relying on diligent research and ensuring our 130- point criteria check is satisfied before adding any property to our portfolio. This ensures you can rely on Calla Property to guide you through your investment decision, start to finish.

Drew has invested in property since his early 20’s, starting out in South Australia’s housing market then later investing in parcels of land on new estates before on-selling the land once 50% of the developments were completed, He has also co-owned his own company in the Northern Territory for 6 years, where he invested early in the growth stage of the apartment and duplex markets.

Drew has been involved with (and learnt a lot from) the developers that he’s associated with when working on these property portfolios. He has also renovated properties for sale in South Australia and worked in real estate both in Queensland and Darwin, giving him a diverse range of knowledge to draw from coupled with an understanding of the different cycles that occur in the Australian property market.

Having known of Calla Property from its inception and happily referred clients to them, Drew has watched it grow year on year and is now proud to be involved with one of Australia’s most respected property advisory teams.

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