• Having the right property is a key element for a successful property investment strategy.
    However, finding the best property for your property investment goals in Australia can be a challenge. You’ll need expert help to make sure you’re on the right track. This is where we come in.

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Be on your way to property investment success in Australia

Calla Property is a property investment company in Australia dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals through investing in property. Our team of property investment specialists and research-driven methodology will lead you to the best property investment for your financial needs.

We’ll help you minimise investment risk and gain more returns by searching and selecting for you the best property for your property investment strategy.


We have an updated list and portfolio of properties with great investment potential.

What We Do

Finding a residential property to invest in might sound simple, however understanding what goes into a high performing investment with solid growth and good returns, takes years of experience and a thorough research methodology.

Property Insights

We identify the best property investment in Australia through our award-winning Calla Property Insights framework. Developed by our Managing Director, Susan Farquhar, one of the country’s leading investment property experts, it is a holistic and detailed approach to creating an investment property portfolio. We work with a proven methodology and do not rely on guesswork, so you can be confident in the property we’ll select for you.

The Macro research takes us to the capital city or region that will have strong capital growth over the next 3-5 years; the micro research pinpoints the suburbs that will give you good rental returns and the due diligence helps us to identify the builders using quality materials with a proven history of success.

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Property Evaluation

At Calla Property, Our aim is to identify the best property investment in Australia. Once we’ve selected a property via our Calla Property Insights methodology, we’ll use our match criteria, Calla Property Evaluation, to make sure that it fits your needs. Our aim is to guide you towards the best property investment in Australia so you can start Building Your Dreams.