Our research methodology clearly identifies the best Australian residential properties for investment. There are 130 points of criteria that need to be met before the property is approved for our portfolio.

We aim to offer our clients the best property for their financial goals, and we’ve always had success doing so. We achieve this through our award-winning research methodology Calla Property Insights. Developed by our Managing Director, Susan Farquhar, Calla Property Insights is a detailed and holistic approach to building a solid property investment portfolio.

property insights

Calla Property Insights is based on our own independent research and includes analysis and forecasting that is not readily available to clients. Through our research methodology, we rate property for our master portfolio which our clients have access to. Once we fully understand your situation and goals, we’ll match you with the best property in our portfolio that considers where you’re going and where you’re at financially through our match criteria Calla Property Evaluation. This ensures that you’re presented with the right property for your investment goals.