Senior Property Investment Strategist

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Property has always been Nick’s passion, and has over 14 years of Real Estate experience. Over the past seven years, he has helped more than 500 Australians take their first steps in property investment to build robust portfolios. His Real Estate career has been so much more than just transactions.

He knows how confusing and intimidating it can be to buy an investment property, especially when you have the stresses of life getting in the way. He has experienced this process himself and has been through it with hundreds of clients, but he’s seen time and time again how impactful a stable and profitable portfolio can be. Helping everyday Aussies get their feet on the property ladder, minus the fear and confusion, is what he does best.

He has always enjoyed the personal connection he builds with his clients, and he’s passionate about taking the time to truly get to know them and learn how he can help them achieve their goals and property investment aspirations. That is what drives him. Matching clients with properties is a balance of meeting short and long-term goals. He’s proud that his clients can say that he’s always in it for the long haul, and they know that he always acts in their best interests.

Beyond a career of working with individuals and families to create investment portfolios, he’s built a network of trusted industry partners whose values align with his own. He works alongside accountants, financial planners and mortgage brokers finding the best solutions for the ultimate win for his clients.

Away from Real Estate, he enjoys working with the Cancer Council NSW and giving back to the community through a cause that is very personal to him. “It is an excellent opportunity to use my networking and relationship management skills for a greater purpose,” Nick stated, adding ‘It reminds me just how much I value helping people reach their potential.”

He is also an avid property investor himself and has that ‘practice what you preach’ mentality. If it isn’t good enough for his young family and him, it isn’t good enough for his clients. This approach is in alignment with the values espoused by Calla Property as the initials of Calla relate to the Managing Director’s family and it’s the first and last point of research - ‘If I wouldn’t recommend the property to my brother, father or invest in it myself, I couldn't recommend it to my clients’, says the MD.


Joining the team at Calla Property was a move that made complete sense to Nicholas as their values are so closely aligned. His philosophy strikes a balance between using proven research methodology and the extensive Real Estate knowledge that only comes with experience. Calla Property’s renowned Calla Property Insights and focus on a personalised service gives the power to put the company purpose into action for all clients.

As a Senior Property Investment Strategist, Nicholas works closely with clients and like-minded industry partners to enable people to build wealth through strategic investment portfolios. Calla Property’s extensive consultation and strategy sessions ensure the clients’ goals are clearly understood and they’re able to make smarter financial decisions every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to strategically expand your portfolio, or taking your first step onto the property ladder, Nicholas and the Calla Property team can help you make the right moves for long-term property success.

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