We aim to offer our clients the best property for their financial goals, and we’ve always had success doing so. We achieve this through our award-winning research methodology Calla Property Insights. Developed by our Managing Director, Susan Farquhar, Calla Property Insights is a detailed and holistic approach to building a solid property investment portfolio.


What does 2020 hold for investors?

Speaker: Inspired by Women

  • Susan Farquhar,
  • Marie Vlahos,
  • Genene Wilson

Monday 2nd March 


What does 2020 hold for investors?

Speaker: Inspired by Women

  • Susan Farquhar,
  • Marie Vlahos,
  • Genene Wilson

Monday 2nd March 


How to pay down your home loan by investing in property


Property, Property, Property is all we hear about for investment opportunities…do you want to find out more about how you can get on the bandwagon?

Calla Property offers workshops, assisting businesses in gaining an understanding of the power of property investment!

We Take Bookings for corporate workshops for 10 or more people for a lunch or after work session on the basics of investing and how to make it work for you.

Topics we cover include:

  • Why is property investment one of the best vehicles of wealth creation in Australia?
  • How can I use my superannuation to invest in property?
  • How does property investment minimise tax?
  • What do I need to know about getting an investment loan?
  • How much money will I need to happily retire?
  • Isn’t building a property portfolio only for the wealthy?
  • More topics available…


What Is Rental Yield And Why Is It Important?

Investing in property is an incredible way to grow your wealth. What is actually being said here, is that if you can afford to hang onto your property for long enough to realise the capital growth, you will make money. Another classic property statement is, ‘property...

When Is The Right Time To Buy A Rental Property?

Getting the timing of the market right is the holy grail of property investment. Some people seem to have a knack at buying low and selling high. For us mere mortals, what does that mean and how can we possibly predict the timing of the property market? First, let us...

How To Get Started In Rental Property Investments.

A good property portfolio starts with making a good first property decision. It’s so important to get the first one right because if you don’t, it can take a long time to invest in the second one and here’s why. Firstly, what is the best way to get into the property...

Where Are The Best Places To Buy A Rental Property?

When someone asks me where is the best place to buy a rental property, they’re really asking me what rental property will have the best capital growth. When you know the ‘when’ you’ll find the ‘where’. Getting the timing of the market right is key to a good property...

What Are The Good Locations For Rental Investment

What are the good locations for rental investment? When someone asks me where the good locations are for rental property investment, what they’re really asking me is two things: What will give me the most capital growth? What kind of property and in what suburb will...

Can You Represent Yourself As A Buyer’s Agent?

Can you represent yourself as a Buyer’s Agent? The short answer is, yes you can? In fact the whole industry of ‘Buyer’s Agencies’ is a relatively new one. When you’re looking to buy your own home, using a good buyer’s agent who understands what you’re looking for,...

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