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Suzie is a treasure. Knowledgeable very organised with a great team and a fantastic personality. If you want to take the stress, and the risk out of investing in real estate call her.


Susan’s expertise and knowledge of the property market made me feel comfortable in an area that was foreign to me. I trusted her approach to finding the perfect property for my first investment and gave me more understanding on how to invest wisely.
I am beyond grateful to Susan and the team at Calla Property, thank you for making the process a welcoming experience for me.






Susan and the team at Calla property have recently assisted a client of mine enter the property market by sourcing the perfect investment property for them. Without Calla Property these customers would never have made this step which will allow them down the track to move into their dream home. The research and knowledge of the property market from Calla Property is second to none. I have no hesitations referring more customers to Susan and her team in the future.


I was impressed by Susan’s research-driven approach in pinpointing suburbs around Australia which would perform well in regards to capital growth but also properties that would retain its value over time. So I put Susan and the team at Calla Property to the test. I can say with confidence a purchase made in Victoria based on her advice, has performed extremely well, even during the recent market downturn.
There is a reason why Susan is highly regarded as being in the Top 10 property specialists in Australia. Looking forward to working with Calla Property again for the next investment property purchase.



Property Lawyer



An outstanding team and service. Susan`s knowledge and understanding of the industry is second to none. We are looking forward to collaborating with you in the future.


I have had the pleasure of working with Susan and the Calla Property team for the past three years. Susan has become an industry leader on the back of a very stringent research model refined over many, many years. Calla Property is one of the most knowledgeable and research-driven property investment companies in Australia, having helped a wealth of clients over the years. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started, I highly recommend that you get in contact with the Calla Property team.


I've attended property investment seminar from Calla Property, Susan was highly knowledgeable and shared with us her insights about Australia property market and its changing landscape. I was particularly impressed with their wide-array of research to identify the most suitable investment. I follow your blogs and love to learn more about investing in the future.


Trust, credibility and depth are the traits that we look for in our advisers so we were delighted to find Susan, Elodie and the team.
Their research has rigor, their preparation is thorough and their insights are thoughtful.
Further, their links to other high quality specialist across the project have been invaluable. 2 properties in, can't wait to collaborate on the next.
Thank you so much.


Their property investing checklist is the best around. If you are looking to invest in property, they can help you find the best options available


The team at Calla has been fantastic in helping my son of 25 years old to purchase his first investment property. The financing wasn't straight forward however Susan was able to get him into the market using their proven property investment checklist. Thank you Calla Property for your focus and dedication.


Purchasing property as a homeowner is typically an emotional decision. Purchasing as an Investor should not be. Susan and the team at Calla Property have painstakingly distilled their experience and expertise in identifying what makes a great investment property down into their fact-based 130 point analysis tool. Rock solid information and a great team means that you are in good hands when dealing with Calla Property.


I just wanted to tell you how delighted we are to have you as advisor on property investment.
What you’ve achieved for us and your other clients on this geelong investment is phenomenal.
We are getting closer to our dream to buy our own home in Sydney.


Susan from Calla Property knows the property market so very well. Susans passion and insight into property are a precious gift to investors of property especially those who don't have the time to do the research - Susan has done that for you. I have worked with Susan for a few years now and I am so very impressed with her knowledge.


I have worked with Susan & Calla Property for several years now, her knowledge of the property market is the best I have seen and highly recommend anyone looking to get into property investing. The steps she takes in researching property stands out from anyone in the market and shows with the results her clients are achieving.


The most detailed expertise on Real Estate investment Ive ever come across. Highly professional and always on point. Thanks for your help.


I have referred Susan and the team at Calla Property to clients on many occasions. Those referrals have in turn lead to referrals to their friends, family and clients. The true value of a business, a service or a product is when someone else is willing to attach their worth to it by testifying to its value. Calla Property is one of those businesses.


Data driven decision making simplifying the property investing process.


Calla Property provides an amazing service. In a field where trust is critical, Susan is number one . She knows the industry, she has the analytical process, and best of all, she has the integrity I look for when I am investing. Great results. I recommend Calla Property


With knowledge, depth of insights, a 130 datapoint research process/algorithm and due diligence into building firms, all run across over 550 property markets Australia wide; it's little wonder Calla Property has become the go-to business for people who need honest advice and direction on property investment.


Susan is extremely passionate about property and helping you find the right investment property for you. Calla provides an end-to-end service for their clients working with them from the very early discussions and strategy, to matching them with the right property, as well as referral partners such as mortgage brokers, accountants, insurance brokers and property managers who become the client’s own personal wealth creation team. Highly recommend.


I was keen to buy an investment property, but Sydney was out of my reach. Another state was my only option, but knowing nothing about the property market outside Sydney I felt stuck - until I met Susan. She provided me with so much information and support I'm confident the choice I've made is a smart one. I'd highly recommend Susan if you're looking to invest in property.


Calla Property, headed by the vivacious, talented and wise Susan Farquhar has enabled my young son and his wife to buy their first property. Im relieved not only because she was able to negotiate price and fittings but that it met her incredibly high standard which consisted of pages of highly researched criteria. In this time of doubt with the building industry Im confidant on all levels that this is the perfect property for them and one that they can live in and then rent out whilst saving for a home. Thank you for the peace of mind Suse. Im looking forward to working with you again.


Susan is one of the smartest business woman I've come across. She helps break the stigma of "I need to invest in property near me, so I can keep an eye on it". Investing has nothing to do with your proximity. She genuinely wants to produce the best possible yield for the clients. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Fake reviews that underpins its management team


Susan Farquhar is incredibly knowledgeable and highly recommended.


Having dealt with both Nicholas and Susan in recent weeks, I was delighted to find that they were responsive and on-the-ball throughout. Dealing with the Calla team is a dream.


First at all - I was speaking with someone about booking a meeting with Susan and someone else from the same company ( Emma) also approach me trying to book in a meeting with me - Company not very organize and terrible internal communication.
I have also asked for Emma to send me her tracking record - She answered my e-mail sending all the same information that I have received before about the research methodology....I could have read it all in their website , I was requesting information about her experience in selling investment properties. To finish my terrible experience with this company, Emma said that she would contact me after the 29th of May as I have requested but , I have never heard back from her or any other person from this company.
As a customer I will not be chasing any company , apparently they do not care about new clients. I wouldn’t recommend this company : poor communication and follow up specially for a company in this industry where most of the agents do a great follow up and offer an amazing customer service.
After my review, Susan sent me an e-mail full of excuses and ASKING ME TO DELETE THIS REVIEW! I don't understand - How someone can trust in a company that is trying to hide a HONEST REVIEW?? I have the right to write reviews of my experiences and this company should't try to censor it. They are blaming THE CUSTOMER for not FOLLOW UP for booking in meetings - that's unacceptable ! Emma confirmed that she would contact me after my return from India -I assumed that it was the deal - I didn't know that I should have keep confirming it over and over. Anyway, is funny you mention that you were out of the office because I received 2 e-mails from someone else ( remember that 2 different people were approaching me for meetings - but they do not pursue their clients
) saying that you had free days for booking meetings - I am quite surprised that someone with brain injury were free for meetings in two different weeks of May. I wish you a totally recovery of your injury and I am kindly asking for Calla Property stop sending me e-mails, stop trying to blame me for my terrible experience with them and stop trying to censor my review here or in any other place....enough is enough!